Tech Tuesday – Project Online to Azure DevOps

Keep your projects, resources, and teams organized and on track with Microsoft Project, part of the Office 365 experience. Project Online enables you to easily and efficiently plan projects, track status, and collaborate with others from virtually anywhere. But what happens when your project teams are leveraging agile frameworks as they plan and execute?

One Connect allows you to enrich your investment in Project Online by integrating its capabilities with Azure DevOps, allowing for full agile project management capabilities. Teams can now leverage a Microsoft Project and Azure DevOps integration to create an effective project portfolio solution harnessing the power of both solutions and giving your teams the tools they need to optimize productivity.

Key Benefits

  • Tool integration creates one single source of truth across the organization
  • Quick, easy insights into project status
  • Supports agile, hybrid, and traditional approaches
  • Provides agile portfolio management
  • Increases collaboration, agility, and scalability

Check out the demo below to see how it works!

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