The Benefits of Migrating to Project Online

The modern workplace movement has fueled the rise of Software as a Service (SaaS) as organizations are under pressure to switch to more cost-effective PPM solutions. SaaS is software-owned, delivered and managed remotely by one or more providers and is provided to customers through internet technologies. With cloud computing gaining a lot of media attention in recent times, many organizations are now contemplating making the mainstream switch from on-premise Microsoft Project to Project Online. Project Online was originally designed to aid small organizations in implementing technology that would give them the ability to easily configure, customize and scale PPM services within their organizations. Now it has become the driving force for large organizations.

Why Move to Project Online?

Faster time to market – Project Online leverages a platform that has already been provisioned, implemented, and tested by your solution provider. Organizations can get started quickly and even prove out the PPM concept early without the need for a large investment up front and in many cases, without the need for executive buy-in. Project Online also simplifies provisioning and reduces deployment complexities. In most cases moving the financial aspect from capital expenditure to operational expenditure also speeds up the approval process. A faster time-to-market equals a quicker ROI.

Low entry costs – Project Online offers a much lower entry cost as compared to an on-premise solution. In fact, in many cases, Project Online is a fraction of the cost required to procure, deploy, and manage as Microsoft Project on-prem. You pay for what you use and for nothing else. Costs are reduced simply by eliminating the need to meet hefty infrastructure requirements in addition to purchasing software licenses. Project Online offers an out-of-box configuration that is ready to use giving organizations the time to evaluate the system before investing in additional customizations and services.

Scalability – Project Online offers flexible subscription pricing models based on user roles and functionality. As your enterprise grows, Project Online can be scaled accordingly and in case your enterprise shrinks, it can be scaled down, too. You are guaranteed never to be stuck with an over-sized infrastructure and unused resources. Project Online offers a dynamic approach to managing computing infrastructure and resources. Organizations with low maturity can also benefit from Project Online, as the organization’s maturity level increases, additional features can be leveraged.

Lower risks – Microsoft takes care of infrastructural risks and ensures high-availability for your organization’s needs. Implementations of Project Online are faster and involve fewer risks as they are handled by an experienced Microsoft Partner. As Project Online has an out-of-box implementation, you can ensure that PPM best practices have been considered in the functional design. You can add and decrease licenses as you go vs. purchasing software up front, eliminating the risk of excessive license purchases.

Increased security – Cloud-based solutions are extremely secure. Security is one of the top concerns for any solution provider, and Microsoft offers a reliable and secure infrastructure in place. For an on-premise solution to match the security of Project Online, it requires a major investment. Also, you can back up Project Online to ensure your data is always safe.

Reduced resource requirements – As the operational requirements of supporting and maintaining both the infrastructure and software are offloaded to Microsoft. Your IT department can then focus on other critical tasks.

Support as a service – Software as a service is just that, a service. Along with access to Project Online, you are connected with support. For extended services, qualified Microsoft Partners help to provide a comprehensive range of support services. If users are easily supported, you can expect adoption to increase.

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