The Future of Project Management – 2018 Trends

Project Management has never been more critical for business success.  Are you executing on the right work, that will bring the most value to the organization, while delivering it on time, on budget, and to the quality standard expected?  Organizations will continue to invest in Project Portfolio Management (PPM) to provide more predictability, better decision making, and maximum ROI on their portfolio spend.

Every year we work with hundreds of customers to increase their productivity, improve their project management processes and deliver projects that will give them a competitive advantage. In 2018, we’ve seen the following trends:

The Rise of Agile

Agile is more popular now than ever, with almost three quarters (71%) of all organizations reported to be using Agile within their PPM practice. Managing Agile or Bi-Modal projects can be challenging, but with a hybrid model, you can deliver stability and efficiency, the result of traditional style PPM, while also giving in to necessary risks that lead to innovation and competitive edge, the common results of responding quickly to change.

PPM software that supports a hybrid approach, is more appealing to meet the needs of today’s project managers.

We can expect to see a big emphasis on Agile and additional fine-tuned PPM solutions coming to market, including Microsoft Project – the leader in project management software.


Data Visualization

Gone are the days of stale charts and endless spreadsheets – Data visualization is trending up and won’t be slowing down anytime soon.  Executives are expecting to see metrics driven data with visuals that are simple and easy to digest.

In our data driven world, sometimes we are drowning under mountains of data. Visual representations help analyze data and present it in a concise, visual presentation that leads to better decisions and actionable results.

PPM teams that manage large portfolios can use data visualization tools to help them get the insight they need to make changes where necessary.  Better decisions lead to PPM success.


Connected Software

It is more common than not to have separate tools for all the various work needs within your organization but disparate systems will only lead to rework and disconnected teams.  Although businesses are typically looking to move to a more unified toolset for increased productivity, the reality is that all teams work differently.  Product development teams may use Jira for product development work, service teams may use Service Now for service requests and PMOs will continue to use tools such as Microsoft Project that are meant for the seasoned project manager.  Regardless of tool, the data must be integrated to maximize productivity. Fortunately, there are tools that will allow you to integrate platforms to form a centralized work management system across your organization. With tools such as OneConnect, it’s never been easier for teams to collaborate on work.


Final Thoughts for 2018

One thing is for certain, businesses must be structured for change.  The need for strong PPM tools and discipline is critical for organizations to execute the right work, and make the right decisions to drive innovation and stay ahead of the competition.

With the right PPM tools in place, your business will be setup for success during 2018 and beyond. If you’d like to experience the benefits and value of PPM software, contact us now for a FREE TRIAL.