Top Three Staffing Myths – Busted!

The staffing industry has been growing year over year at an unprecedented rate. However, the majority of companies continue to conduct their hiring processes internally. One of the most significant barriers to staffing service providers are myths that continue to shape how people view and consider staffing services to fill permanent and long-term positions. With over 26 years of experience with our Talent Center, Wicresoft’s recruiters are excited to set the record straight and show how experienced staffing firms help clients achieve their goals.

Myth #1: Staffing Agencies Only Recruit for Entry Level Positions

Modern staffing agencies are a far cry from the past and have reinvented traditional temp agencies. The staffing companies of today partner with experienced professionals in a variety of industries at all levels of experience and skill. Wicresoft is able to provide candidates for a diverse range of positions in all industries – healthcare, technology, telecommunications, aerospace, government and public administration, and education. Our candidate pool of 70,000+ candidates encompasses a wide list of professionals within Information Technology, including Quality Assurance Testing, Project Management, Business and Systems Analysis and Development, to list only a few.

Staffing providers leverage connections within industries to provide the best quality candidates. As industry experts, Wicresoft can navigate industry trends to offer the most in-demand skills to help teams thrive long term. Your success is our success.

Myth #2: Staffing Agencies Hurt ROI

ROI is one of the core tenents in any successful enterprise – it’s the first, second, and third thing on everyone’s mind. How do we make a return on our investment and how can we ensure the payoff outweighs the risk?

When a project delivery date is looming, and demand outpaces resource availability, staff augmentation is the quickest and most effective option to have qualified employees onboarded. Staffing companies do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to – they evaluate requirements, write job postings, screen prospective candidates, and conduct interviews so you can focus on what matters most; your daily operations.

Staffing agencies not only save time, but they also save money, as well. The ability to quickly fill positions and respond to changes in labor, reduces overtime, overhead costs, increases productivity, and improves overall employee morale, providing a high ROI.

Myth #3: Experienced Workers Don’t Work for Staffing Agencies

Some believe that a skilled worker won’t work for a staffing company, especially on project-based assignments. However, the industry has changed. The rise of the gig economy has shifted how workers interact with the workplace. Skilled, motivated professionals are flocking to staffing agencies due to an increase in flexibility. Our employees frequently discuss their motivations for working with Wicresoft – they enjoy the opportunity to try new positions, break into new industries, find a better family/work balance, schedule flexibility, and in the end, 64% note working with staffing specialists comes down to personal preference.

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