The Art of Transformation

Transformations are those career-defining mega initiatives that span the organization. Maybe it’s a significant new system, a new digital business model, or the entry to a new market. Significant initiatives involve the strategy and management of everything – technical and human – to plan and deliver considerable change on an epic scale. They demand an ability to deal with enormous complexity and align large numbers of people. Leading them is a science and an art form and anyone who has managed significant initiatives can show you their scars.

You won’t be shocked to hear that digital transformation – or transformational business initiatives – are not altogether new. It’s fair to say that the transformational possibilities of today’s technology are exceptional. What has not changed is that the chance of achieving greatness is higher with a comprehensive approach and inspired delivery: strategic execution. Today, we can transform by borrowing some things learned from the past – the practice of program management – and also add some new things into the mix. While using technology to transform is not necessarily new, the things we do to realize its full potential should be.

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