Transformation Delivery and Recovery

Maybe it’s a significant new system, a whole new business model, or the entry to a new market. Big initiatives involve the strategy and management of everything – technical and human – to plan and deliver considerable change on an epic scale. They demand an ability to deal with enormous complexity and align large numbers of people. To deliver major initiatives, we borrow some things learned from the best program management methods – primarily agile principles – as well as organizational change management methods. While leveraging technology to transform is not necessarily new, the things we do to realize its full potential should be.

Our approach to successfully managing major initiatives covers the following:

  1. Alignment on purpose and customer success
  2. Active executive sponsorship
  3. The right technical strategy
  4. A great mix of talent
  5. Behavior aligning with the vision
  6. Rigor and discipline
  7. Show, don’t tell
  8. Agile planning and execution
  9. Dynamic governance methods
  10. Data-driven decisions
  11. Campaign-like communications
  12. Culture of a growth mindset
  13. Predictive analytics
  14. ‘Just the right amount’ of process
  15. Comprehensive and integrated tools


Transformation Delivery and Recovery


Whether your program is underway or yet to begin, this 1-day workshop is designed to review the activities and strategies within your transformation initiative and recommend actions to get on track for success.

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