Unified PPM & Agile Solution – Project Online + Azure DevOps

You’ve got a mix of both agile and waterfall methodologies? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

According to Forrester’s The 2015 State of Agile Development: Learn from the Agile Expert Firms report, since 2013, there are twice as many companies using Agile to help create more value for their business. Agile is here, and its here to stay.

Azure DevOps is a popular agile application that allows teams to capture, prioritize, and track work with backlogs and customizable Kanban boards. Work items link directly to code to ensure transparency, and can be used to build rich dashboards for easy reporting. If you haven’t had a chance to review it, take a look!VSTS

While agile teams are working in Azure DevOps, the PMO that is ultimately responsible for understanding the health of the overarching project portfolio lacks visibility into these projects. Often the Project Management Office (PMO) is using Microsoft Project Online/Server to help them manage organizational initiatives and investments in their project portfolio. Yet, the teams tasked with executing against these high-level business themes manage their work in Agile planning tools including Azure DevOps.

Our team at Wicresoft, leveraging our OneConnect product, can help you provide a unified PPM solution to bridge gaps that are impacting productivity & the bottom line. Keep your agile teams working in Azure DevOps, leveraging all the rich agile planning capabilities, while providing portfolio and program leaders a broad view of the project portfolio with Wicresoft’s OneConnect.

Project Online and Visual Studio Integration

OneConnect for Azure DevOps offers a seamless approach to exchange critical information between development teams and project teams using Project Online and Azure DevOps. Connecting Project Online with Azure DevOps drives enhanced visibility & alignment – making sure the projects that the teams are working so hard on – are the right projects and deliver value to the organization.

Microsoft Project Agile Projects

The Project Online – Azure DevOps integration can also help enable organizations to scale agile with SAFe best practices.  As more and more large organizations have adopted agile methodologies, the need to scale agile has become a necessity.  Dean Leffingwell, of Scaled Agile, Inc., has designed a framework called SAFe to allow large organizations to shift to an agile way of working by applying lean-agile practices at an enterprise scale.  A Project Online – Azure DevOps integration can enable teams to scale with SAFe best practices.

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