US Pharmaceutical Escalates Project Visibility with Better Project Reporting

We were managing our projects by the seat of our pants! Before we implemented Project Server and KwikPMO, we struggled to provide insight to our management for ongoing projects. Project Server and KwikPMO really helped us put this all together. It was a minimal investment for us since we already had the SharePoint Platform.

— Peter McLaughlin, Associate Director of IT, Momenta

An exceptional pharmaceutical company in New England, Momenta Pharmaceuticals invests in analytics and technology. To help IT Project teams become even more efficient, Momenta installed Microsoft Project Server 2013 and Project KickStart. Project Managers can produce reports in minutes versus weeks, which accelerates the pace of business. All project information is accessible in one place, and all employees (including external vendors) can access information easily and quickly.


Momenta Pharmaceuticals, based in Cambridge, MA, is a leader in the analysis, characterization, and design of complex pharmaceutical products. Momenta’s scientific foundation is a set of tools and methods that enable one to develop a deep understanding of the links between a compound’s chemical structure, its manufacturing process and its biological function. Momenta is applying its technology to the development of generic versions of complex drugs, biosimilar and potentially interchangeable biologics, and to the discovery and development of novel therapeutics for oncology and autoimmune indications.

Momenta’s IT Department manages many IT projects that requires many people, many more documents, and even more tasks to manage each project. In the past, project managers used a variety of project management tools, ranging from Microsoft Excel, Visio, PowerPoint and custom applications as well as Microsoft SharePoint for Document Repository. There was a lack of visibility of project data, so data was scattered across multiple personal computers and servers. This made it difficult to track project status, identify issues and risks, keep projects on track, and create reports for internal and external partners. In fact, as information was put into PowerPoint Presentations for project meetings, the projects were changing in real-time and the reports became less relevant. Due to the nature of some of these projects, compliance and validation were also of great importance to Momenta.

In June 2013, Wicresoft deployed Microsoft Project Server 2013 and Project KickStart with the goal of standardizing on a single project management platform and creating one place for project data.

As a small company, people were excited about this solution, especially because Momenta is already using SharePoint!

—  Peter McLaughlin, Momenta


Momenta Associate IT Director, Peter McLaughlin attended a Microsoft sponsored event held by Wicresoft. Wicresoft demonstrated how Project KickStart can get you up and running managing projects in less than 3 weeks!

We really liked the improved Project Server 2013 interface from Project KickStart, with status reports right on the start page, the easier access to published tasks, and many other usability improvements. The improvements to Project Professional 2013 are equally impressive: the improved interface, instant project status through built-in reports and more

— Peter McLaughlin, Momenta

Momenta uses Project Server and Project KickStart with SharePoint Server so that all project data is stored in one place and easily accessible. Instead of sending hundreds of email messages daily to track down task status, project managers can sync their Project Professional 2013 data with SharePoint or quickly look at their Project KickStart Site wherever they are. The ultimate goal is to create a central page that contains all of an employee’s tasks for the day without the need to log on to different sites.


By implementing Project Server 2013, Project KickStart and Project Professional 2013, Momenta has gained the following benefits:

Project Server 2013 with Project KickStart Add-on Solution – This solution provided Momenta with key investments areas for Project Management Processes including UI/Usability, pre-configured workflows, SharePoint Workspace, Report, Dashboards and Common Project Management Processes.

Collaboration and Overall Visibility – Project Server and Project KickStart helped Momenta to improve their relationship between internal and external teams by enabling them to make more informed decisions and better tracking of Project process.

Centralized Documents Keep Projects Organized – Project Server and Project KickStart provided Momenta a better project framework that improved processes as well as a centralized document storage. All staff now have visibility of projects.


Microsoft Project Server 2013 – The new Project Server 2013 offers flexible solutions for project portfolio management (PPM) and everyday work, delivered on-premises. Enable your workforce to effectively execute with the intended business value to achieve strategic priorities with Project Server 2013.

Project KickStart –  Wicresoft created Project KickStart to give you and your organization an outstanding project management solution in record time. Start with the capabilities you need now plus a roadmap to greater capabilities when you’re ready. With Project KickStart, you get Project Management best practices, tools and processes out of the box. We will also train and mentor your Project Managers and employees so you can quickly and effectively begin to better manage and execute your projects.