Wicresoft Announces OnePortfolio for Project Online

Wicresoft, a strategic Microsoft Partner and leader in Global Business Productivity solutions and services, announced today the official launch of OnePortfolio, a Microsoft Project Online app for Enterprise Portfolio Management. OnePortfolio for Project Online enhances the current Project Online capabilities by adding a simple to use web-based Agile Portfolio Management planning tool that will allow Portfolio Managers to perform high level planning on all work across the enterprise.

“The ability to make strategic investment decisions based on budgets, resources, and return on investment while ensuring speed to market, increased productivity, and a deliverable that provides significant value to the business, is critical for our customers’ success. Incomplete Portfolio data can lead to bad decisions which will undoubtedly impact competitive advantage. We want to help our customers succeed, that’s our goal.” Joe Larscheid – Vice President of Wicresoft International

OnePortfolio was built on the premise that an organization’s Portfolio of work is spread across the enterprise.  That work may reside in different departments that leverage different tools, but ultimately, still needs to be consolidated and considered for planning and selection purposes. Features of OnePortfolio include:

  • Agile Portfolio Management – Reduce reliance on spreadsheets or manual processes and improve management of portfolios and initiatives.
  • Full Portfolio Planning – High level portfolio planning for portfolio managers to enter and manage all work across the organization.
  • Budget and Resource Planning – Measure financials, budgets, and ROI to stay on track with accurate key performance metrics. Provide visibility into a centralized organization-wide view of portfolio financials.
  • Demand Management – A simple, central way to capture proposed work and evaluate how newly proposed portfolios align to strategic themes and business objectives of the organization.
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting – Know the health of your portfolios and grab management’s attention through regular status reporting, built-in dashboards and insightful reports.
  • Scaled Agile Project Management with Azure DevOps – Unleash your competitive advantage. Powerful, visual, agile project management solution by connecting Azure DevOps.

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About Wicresoft

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