Wicresoft | Best Place to Work for 2018

The difference between a good workplace and an outstanding one is in the details. It is a mix of company culture, the caliber of employees, competitive compensation, and overall work satisfaction that tips the scale from average to extraordinary. When it comes to keeping happy employees, Wicresoft has found the right balance to retain its top talent.

Company Culture

Communication throughout the entire team is central to who we are and how we succeed. Wicresoft operates with an open-door policy inviting suggestions and feedback that helps to shape who we are and how we operate. As a part of our mission of constant improvement, we focus on the personal and professional development of each employee by creating a goal-oriented environment. To encourage career growth, we have partnered with the Institute of International Learning to offer both our employees and clients access to courses that help them on their career journey. We have monthly competitions, a colleague to colleague recognition program, and a lively annual retreat that never disappoints.

Workplace Engagement

We are a team. We work together, we win together, and our offices our always evolving. The majority of our employees rarely see the inside of an office in a week. We encourage our clients to maintain a central work/life balance and utilize our internal business productivity solutions to maximize our performance. To promote job satisfaction among its workforce, Wicresoft formed an employee engagement initiative focused solely on engagement trends. The initiative focuses on gathering employee feedback and data from ongoing surveys to ensure we are always putting our employees first.

Valuing Employees

To truly be a best place to work, your employees and your clients have to be a top priority. Our employees form a community of collaborators who use technology and innovation to drive business productivity. From a great work environment to fun perks, we put our employees’ best interests first and take care of them – the rest takes care of itself!

We Make Work Fun

There’s no rule against having fun in a work environment. We foster a lively and fun-lovely culture. We celebrate the small things – acknowledging birthdays and work anniversaries. We celebrate the big moments, both in home and work lives. For big wins, we sound the gong at the office to announce the big news – even on conference calls. We hire only the best so everyone gets recognized by their team for their hard work and accomplishments.

Interested in being a part of the Wicresoft team or working with one of our clients? Visit the Talent Center to get started on your next opportunity.